“Everything you can imagine is real.”

– Pablo Picasso



My name is Daria and I was born on the right side of the Pacific Ocean.. in very beautiful Far East of Russia. Later I painted the Pacific Ocean from both sides.. It is love forever.

I am a 2011 graduate of the Far Eastern Academy of the Arts. Currently I work as a freelance illustrator and artist. Since 2014 my home is Braunschweig, Germany. I work mainly in acrylic, oil, ink and as a digital artist as well. Although most of my time is spent drawing and painting. I also enjoy making decoration, embroidering and more! 

My paintings has been exhibited in the Russian Federation at leading venues in the Primorsky Region, in Harbin, China, in San Francisco, USA and in Braunschweig, Germany.

Art is a huge part of my life and I would love to share more of this with you! Give five!


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